Joint Ventures


If you are interested in working with the TDC on the development of a proposed venture please read and review the Venture Development Policy below. Proponents are recommended to also read the attached research paper on Wealth Creation that the TDC has utilized to define wealth creation in the TDC values, vision, mission and strategic plan.

Download our policy documents below:

 TDC Decision Tree

The image below represents a summary of considerations for individuals, organizations, and strategic partners wishing to advance a potential business venture/by with the TDC.

This criteria is based upon the TDC Venture Development Policy above, and key considerations to differentiate for profit and not for profit businesses that would be the responsibility of the Tsal'alh Government (TG).

For profit business venture criteria, the following criteria, as outlined in the TDC Venture Development Policy are needed to be passed to be considered by the TDC:

  • Does the venture allow for majority control by the TDC?
  • Does the venture have a Return on Investment (ROI) of 10% or better, per annum?
  • Does the venture support Tsal’alhmec employment, training and contracting?
  • Is the venture sustainable (e.g. has projected industry trends that can support long-term ROI, meet high environmental standards, includes qualified partners, etc.)?
  • Adheres to the TG evolving Land Use Plan / Zoning
  • Can the venture provide letters of support? And does the venture produce a net gain that is consistent with creating wealth?

A Due Diligence Report and Business Plan are recommended for review / consideration by the TDC Board. DDR’s and Plans are reviewed at monthly meetings of the Board.


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