Board policies
Board Policies


 TDC Board Policies

Upon the conclusion of the annual review, the Board of Directors meticulously assessed the various policies governing the operations of the Tsalalh Development Corporation (TDC). With an emphasis on ensuring comprehensive corporate governance, the Board meticulously scrutinized and refined the TDC Governance Policy, Finance & Procurement Policy, Strategic Plan, and the Venture Development Policy. These robust guidelines were strategically formulated to serve as instrumental tools for both the Board members and the TDC employees, empowering them to make well-informed decisions that align with the overarching objectives of the corporation.

The comprehensive evaluation undertaken by the Board underscores its commitment to fostering a culture of sound decision-making within the TDC, underpinned by a strong framework of policies tailored to the unique demands of the corporation. By meticulously crafting and refining these policies, the Board not only establishes a structured operational framework but also nurtures an environment conducive to fostering strategic growth and development. This diligent approach reflects the Board's dedication to upholding best practices and ensuring the TDC's sustained progress and success in its endeavors.

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