TDC values


Efficient, due diligence, paced organizational development, self-sufficient, accountable, and transparent, sustainable, continuous improvement, community benefit.

Culturally Relevant

Supportive and integrated St’át’imc Tsal’alh culture, and Tsal’alhmec interests.

Collaborative/Partnership Oriented

Develop/maintain enriching relationships within the Tsal’alh area of interest, nationally, and internationally.


Grow/diversify a sustainable economy for short and long-term benefit, from knowledge based decisions.

Create Wealth

Including creating training, employment and contracting opportunities, and innovative legacies for Tsal’alhmec.

TDC vision

The TDC creates a self-sufficient stable foundation for wealth creation, self-sufficiency, economic independence that benefits/enhances the lifestyle of Tsal’alhmec, and future generations.

TDC mission

The TDC achieves this through collaboratively identifying, developing and maximizing economic opportunities, as a well run efficient organization that also contributes to developing a healthy diversified, strong, Tsal’alh economy that is responsive to the needs and interests of the Tsal’alh Government, and Tsal’alhmec.